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Zermatt Waste disposal


In December 2021, the municipal council decided to stop contracting third parties to organise waste disposal and to provide the service itself. «THE RIGHT BIN» A fresh and friendly visual image has been created to herald a new era in recycling management.


Waste separation and recyclables

Waste is full of recyclable materials and energy – it’s the raw material of the future. We need to make optimal use of these resources keeping them in clear cycles, and this is what sets the direction for recyclable waste collection into the future.

Choosing «THE RIGHT BIN» is key

In future, there will be PET collection points at public collection points – in addition to the existing separate collections of glass, tin cans and aluminium, kitchen waste, paper and cardboard (now belong together) and compactors for household waste. Containers for garden waste are also available at selected larger sites.

Waste disposal in the municipality of Zermatt: 2021
  • Non-recyclable waste: 2,007 tonnes
  • Waste separated and collected: 5,656 tonnes
  • Raw materials recovered through recycling: 3,716 tonnes
Recyclable material
Our motto: «THE RIGHT BIN»

Help us to beat last year’s figures! Make your contribution by separating even more waste.

Thank you Zermatt!